Monday thru Friday 5:30am - 6:30pm; No weekends. Doors will remain closed until 5:30am, unless prior arrangements have been made. Pick up time will be no later 6:30pm, otherwise a late fee will be implemented of $5 per 15 minute intervals (or any fraction thereof) per child. Please be courteous and notify me when running late. It's crucial for your child to be picked up on time. 


    $135/wk Infants (newborn to 2yr)

     $127.50/wk (2yr to Kindergarten)

     $112.50/wk (School-age)

Fees are to be paid on Friday, or the child's last enrolled day for the following week's services. Third party payments will be arranged and detailed in the contract. Parents will be responsible for any specified co-payments or unpaid amounts. Tuition must be paid on or before the next Monday or care will no longer be provided. A late fee of $5/day will be added to your bill for each day late beyond Friday at 6pm.


     I'm required by the state of Iowa to have complete, accurate records for each child in my home at all times. You will be provided with required forms to be completed and returned within 10 days of your child attending daycare. If anything changes, please notify me and keep all of your child's records current. This is very important and is the parent's responsibility. 


    A fire/escape plan is posted by the front and back door. We have a detailed emergency plan to ensure we are prepared for unexpected emergencies. We have monthly fire/tornado/disaster drills for all children to help teach them what to do in case of an emergency. 


     We go outdoors everyday (weather permitting), so please dress your child appropriately paying attention to weather for the day. If we are unable to play outdoors we will have indoor activities relating to exercise such as dancing to music. 


     Heavenly Angels does have a Rottweiler, named Sassy on the premises. Pets will be allowed in areas accessible to children during the hours of operation and will be closely supervised. Prior to adding more pets to the home, I will notify parents in writing. 


     Children will only be released to persons listed on the enrollment form. If anyone other than the child's parent or someone who is listed on the enrollment form is to pick up a child, I need to be notified in writing or by a telephone call in advance. The person picking up the child will need to show a driver's license or other picture ID.